Its been a busy month!

It has been a busy month here for us at Hereward Farms! We have been working away trying to get those Mother's Day Care Packages out the door (and a HUGE thank you to those that have purchased and supported us!).

Our community really is fantastic at supporting events, people and new companies! We have been bowled over with the support from our local newspaper

and media.

Thank you to Snapd Dufferin for their piece on our farm! It was a fantastic write-up and we can't be any more appreciative of the wonderfully written piece about our farm and our vision. You can find the full article here:

We also had the pleasure of Tabi from The Orangeville Banner gracing us with her presence and writing a fantastic article about where it all started - and yes it started on a whim! You can read more here:

With us being so busy lately, sometimes we forget to just sit down and relax. Well, I had a long day, and as the tears of exhaustion (yes it happens) rolled down my face, it dawned on me that there are Momma's out there that may be in a situation that is not really what they expected this Mother's Day. I told my kids we were going to pack up bags and deliver them. As always, our contact Kelly at Family Transition Place was eager to help and get this set up so we could drop these off.

This isn't a pat on the back, but a reason to inspire others to do good in our community and just take a second to hold someone's hand. So go do it!

If you are interested in donation to the Family Transition Place you can do so here:

We are excited to be featured in our local magazine, In The HIlls this coming Summer issue! We will definitely share that when it comes out.

As we wrap up Mother's Day and get ready for planting in the next couple of weeks, we are very thankful for all the love and support our community has shown us.

P.s. If you missed the video of my husband, Stephen, betting me we couldn't get 1,000 likes on Instagram by Friday and if we did, he would do the dishes all weekend. Needless to say, he lost and I am now dish-free all weekend. In fact, we are now over 2,000 followers! Thank you!!


Julie, Stephen & Kids!