Love those feet of yours

We are in the middle of winter...or the end...I don't even know, but man it is cold and I am about ready for Spring!

I love feedback about our products, whether it is good or bad. I know there is a learning curve for myself and my clients. I know I am up against the challenge of us humans expecting everything to smell so strong. But sometimes simple and clean and not overpowering works - and that is really what we strive to do.

So my point - I received a note about my oils from a brand new client, who indicated that her friend referred her to us (thank you!!). Not only does she put the oil all over her body, but she also rubs it on her feet and puts socks on before bed...and VOILA, she sleeps like a baby. I know this is a great side effect of lavender that relaxes us, but man, I didn't think about feet.

So I tried it, and not only did I sleep like a baby, my feet absorbed all that goodness. Now don't be surprised when you try this, that your feet look gross the first night - slough off that skin in the shower and TADA!

And stay tuned for our exciting new products that will help exfoliate not only your feet but your body!

Here's to happy feet!