You would think that after we got those 3,000 lavender babies in the ground we could take a rest. HA! Silly me hoped for a second - but don't get me wrong, watching these lavender plants grow and watching our dreams come true is pretty satisfying.

We are always planning, and although we have the 'Lavender Lounge' onsite, it was more of a place for me to work and produce our products and hide out. We had planned to open our farm and Lavender Lounge + Boutique next year. But alas that was out of our control it seems and since this farm was built on a whim, so is everything else.

We were flattered to be asked to be part of the Field of Dreams In the Hills Magazine feature that highlighted all the amazing lavender and sunflower farms in our area (WHO KNEW!). If you are looking for a day trip this summer (check their opening dates and time) here are some of the amazing lavender and sunflower farms in our area:

Avalon Lavender Farm, Mono

Deerfields Lavender Farm, Palgrave (not open to the public yet)

Stonewell Farm, Erin

Purple Hill Lavender, Creemore

Campbell's Cross Farm, Caledon

Davis Family Family, Caledon East

Dixie Orchards, Caledon

Visit the full article here online:

The Digital version of the whole magazine can be found here

The day the online article from In the Hills launched we had people showing up and instead of turning them away, we decided that we now must open. So it has been busy around here prepping the space as an actual store and getting road signs up.

We are now proud to announce that we are open Fridays + Saturdays from 10 am to 4 pm. Please keep in mind that our 3,000 lavender plants are new, so there is no big purple field for you to take photos in. However, you get to check out a lavender farm that is just starting, and see how it grows! We have also set up our Lavender Lounge + Boutique with all the products we make and sell. We do plan to have some events out here, maybe a Make your own infused oils stayed tuned, as we work through this day by day and stage by stage! This is all new to us!

Visiting our farm is FREE, however, we ask that you do not enter the fields unless we are with you and all dogs must be on a leash and you need to clean up after them. Please note we have three dogs on site (Luna is a Princess so you won't see her in the fields) but our 150-pound beast Bruno and our 10 pounder Nova will be out and about - so if your dogs do not like dogs, please leave them at home.

We look forward to seeing you at Hereward Farms and love bringing you along our journey on making products from farm to skin.