New Products & Upcoming Season

There has been a lot going on behind the scenes here at Hereward Farms. We are planning for the upcoming season and that includes planting, products and marketing. I sometimes forget I have to do it all (well my husband is the lead "Operations" of the farm, but I am not sure he is interested in making products ha).

I went into the Lavender Lounge on Friday and realized that our inventory levels are critically low! So all weekend I have been cold infusing lavender that will take six to eight weeks to finish.

Changes& new products

There are a couple of changes with our product line. The 8 oz line will discontinue for the time being (guess what there is a sale on right now 50% off and I think there are only a few bottles left....go shop now before it is too late!).

We have introduced our Angry Dad Beard Oil and today we launched our Pucker Up Lip Balm and are preparing a couple of new Black Label series that will launch before Valentine's Day. Watch out for our Valentine's Specials happening in the next week or so.

Free Local Delivery & Being Canadian

As we grow, we will still continue to offer free local delivery and free curbside pickup. We do try to keep our shipping rates down and thank you to those who are patient with our Canada Post delays with the demands of delivery workers increase daily.

We are also ensuring that all our products are Canadian Made - from where we source our oils, plants and packaging.

It is also so very important to us that we use very little waste. The only plastic that we have in our products is the lids and seal. All our packaging is recyclable and our new ploy bags are 100% compostable!

New Brand Line

We are also rejigging the 1 oz and 4 oz lines and they have some new names - but don't worry we are still using the same recipes that we have developed. I kind of have a potion book going on (yes like Practical Magic) and have perfected these recipes over time.

Thank you to all of you that have

continued to support us and are excited

about the upcoming season: 3,000 plants arrive from News Brunswick in May and we are continuing to make new and exciting products so stay tuned!

Wishing you a safe and warm January!

Julie & Family