Oh what have we been up to

Updated: Mar 29

I know it has been a bit since I have written, but I think like most of you, I am tired. I have struggled with what I have taken on with this farm and the daily tasks of answering messages and emails and continually posting.

To be honest, I lost my steam. But. Here is the rest of the story that ends up like a fairytale. I was asked by Elliott Tree Farms if I wanted to have my products at his weekend market. I am in the midst of re-styling the line and the formulas. I totally procrastinated all week. Crap I should have been doing on Tuesday, I did today.

Do you know what I did today? I am still amazed but I am so recharged, so this is why I am writing this.

I put together the largest order EVER in our history to be delivered to Elliott Tree Farms in the morning to meet their 90+ people Saturday and 60+ people Sunday. I knew I had to give it my all. So I wiped out my existing inventory. Then realized "holy, I need to move on that re-styling of the products.".

So I hustled. And apparently,

I was way ahead of myself when I saw a scheduled post announcing our new line. Damn that marketing department aka me.

So I not only got product, signage and pricing done on the stuff that needs to go to Elliott Tree Farm,I updated the website with the new product, made over 120+ bottles of a new product, designed two emailers, created a video and then cleaned up my mess in the Lavender Lounge.

And here I am writing a blog.

So there were some changes in my formulas today. I have listened to customers and their feedback. I get it. You like smell. I went with the "hey I am barely here but I am so good for your skin" aspect. Well, you wanted more smell. So I made it. For you. I love it, and my trial testers aka the kids and the hubster, which means more to me than anything.

So here we are, slight changes to the line, additions to the line and crazy as ever. Check out the new product SCRUBBED !

Thank you for being on this journey with me - especially my family. I also got surprised with dinner after being in the Lavender Lounge all afternoon.. which meant more than anything, Thank you.

Have an amazing week!