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Our story started many years ago, when the Hamlet of Hereward grew up in the late 1860's as a settlement of the northwest part of the township was completed, and the demand for services grew.  On November 1, 1867, Hereward gained official status (at least in the eyes of the federal Post Office Department). On that day, a post office was opened to serve the Hereward Community.

Our family settled here over five generations ago, with Stephen's Great-Great-Uncle Alex Burnett and Great-Great-Grandfather John Burnett who both arrived from Antrim Ireland at around the time of the potato famine.

The Burnett family still lives in this area and is actively involved in the farm community.  Stephen's Great Grandfather purchased the farm that he grew up on and which has now been passed down through each generation. Stephen's Grandfather and Grandmother actively farmed the land as well as some of the surrounding farms, one of which we call home.


Stephen's mom and dad expanded the operations to include raising beef cattle and eventually a substantial cash crop operation growing wheat, corn, soybeans and canola. Both Stephen and his brother were involved in the farming at an early age and now his brother and their family have once again expanded the operation to include a large agribusiness of cash crops, seed sales and run the main farming operation.

Although active in other business adventures, Stephen never left the farming community and we purchased a piece of one of the original farms that his Grandfather had farmed around the corner from the original farmstead. Over the years, we have continued to grow crops on the farm and have expanded the operations to include many of the typical cash crops of corn, soybeans, wheat and alfalfa.  In 2019, Julie envisioned a new crop idea for the farm and spent the fall of 2019 planning. In the spring of 2020, Julie and Stephen planted their first crop of lavender and watched and waited for the fall results. The first year was a modest crop as they wanted to see how this new crop would work at the farm. They harvested the fresh lavender and with sweet scents through the air they began the drying and infusion process.  News of the new crop and the excitement of the naturally infused lavender oils spread like wildfire through the countryside. It might have helped that one of the other businesses that Julie runs is a marketing firm

In the fall of 2020, the decision was made that year one was a success and plans were made for the lavender farm expansion.  While the 2020 products were being shipped out to customers approximately 3,000 new plants consisting of three different lavender varieties were ordered for the 2021 planting season.  As of June 3, 2021, 3,000 new "ladies" arrived to our farm and we look forward to showing you how we all grow!

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Image by Pauline Jurkevicius
Stephen Burnett and Julie Thurgood-Burnett