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CSR + Sustainability

Embracing Nature: Ontario Lavender Farm + All-Natural Company Using Sustainable Practices


Hereward Farms began with a simple yet profound vision: to harness the natural essence of lavender and create products that not only soothe the senses but also offer genuine benefits for skin care and home wellness. This vision quickly materialized into a range of high-quality, natural products, each infused with the essence of lavender grown right on the farm.

But lavender is just the beginning. Our farm is a diverse tapestry of natural flora and fauna, meticulously cared for to maintain a healthy, balanced ecosystem. This biodiversity is not only crucial for the environment but also enriches the quality of our products. From the bees that pollinate our plants to the rich, fertile soil that nurtures them, every element of our farm contributes to creating truly special products.


At Hereward Farms, located in the serene setting of East Garafraxa, Ontario, we offer an array of all-natural skincare and home products. Our dedication to sustainability and corporate responsibility is deeply ingrained in our ethos.


The farm's product line reflects its commitment to natural, sustainable practices. From soothing skincare items to aromatic home products, each offering is crafted with care and attention to detail. The skincare range, particularly, has garnered attention for its gentle, effective formulations catering to various skin types and concerns.

All-Natural Skincare: Lavender's Gentle EmbraCE

Our skincare collection, enriched with the essence of over 6,000 lavender plants from our sprawling 250-acre farm, epitomizes our commitment to natural beauty. Our products are designed to revitalize and care for your skin, harnessing the purity and power of nature.  And it starts from the ground up


Natural Home Products: Essence of Tranquility


Our all-natural home products aim to infuse your living space with the calm and tranquillity of our lavender fields. From aromatic diffusers to eco-friendly cleaning products, we ensure your home is a haven of natural harmony.

Corporate Responsibility and Sustainability: Our Pledge


Sustainability is a core principle at Hereward Farms. We implement eco-friendly practices across all operations, including sustainable farming techniques and energy-efficient production methods. Our dedication to the environment is steadfast as we continually work to minimize our carbon footprint and enhance biodiversity.  We source all our ingredients and packaging in Canada.

All our shipping materials are recyclable, compostable or environmentally friendly.  For example, we use cornstarch packing peanuts that can be reused or dissolved in water (or used for a craft!).


Community Engagement and Support: Giving Back


We are deeply committed to supporting our community. All proceeds from our field visits and events, including our Annual Lavender Festival and Sip and Shop, are donated to local charities. We proudly support Family Transition Place, the Alzheimer Society of Dufferin County, Orangeville Food Bank, Michael's House Pregnancy, Orangeville SPCA, and various local sports teams and events. We aim to nurture a strong, supportive community while promoting sustainable living.

Join Our Sustainable Journey


Experience the essence of nature with Hereward Farms. Explore our all-natural skincare and homecare products, and be part of our journey towards a sustainable and caring future.


Our Values


Our lavender products are uniquely crafted and harmoniously blended with natural botanicals through a proprietary infusion method. This unique technique ensures that all the enriching benefits of lavender are seamlessly integrated into our products.

Clean, minimalist, all-natural skincare and home products, thoughtfully designed for the wellness-focused person and exclusively crafted with sustainable ingredients made right here in Canada.

Our all-natural skincare and home product lines feature straightforward, simple ingredients. Thoughtfully designed and crafted, each product is uncomplicated and made exclusively with sustainable materials - including our packaging.

Inspired by the healing aspects of lavender and nature’s purity, we offer effortless, spa-quality products to enjoy in the comfort of your own home.

Dedicated to environmental stewardship, we package our products in amber glass with minimal plastic. Our ingredients and materials are exclusively sourced from Canadian companies, and our mission is to be a fully sustainable lavender farm in Canada.

We're dedicated to more than just lavender farming; we're committed to giving back to our community. We strive to make a meaningful impact through philanthropy and local engagement, supporting charities and community initiatives. Our belief is that nurturing our community is as important as nurturing our fields.

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