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Where to Find Us

Hey there, lavender lovers! 🌿 Can't get enough of Hereward Farms' soothing scents and natural goodies? We totally get it!  Our all-natural skincare products will leave your skin glowing, and our home products are perfect for creating a serene oasis right in your living room. Good news: you can find all these treasures in more places than just our website!

We've partnered with some amazing local retailers and online stores across North America to bring our lavender magic and natural products closer to you. So whether you're strolling through a picturesque town in Ontario or a boutique in California, keep an eye out for the Hereward Farms label. Trust us, your senses—and your skin—will thank you!


Interested in carrying our brand in your store?


We'd love to chat! Email us at, and let's make some lavender dreams come true."