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Booking Photography Sessions

Thank you for choosing Hereward Farms for your photography session.  We are striving daily to make our location a beautiful spot to capture your moments.  Whether it be engagement, maternity or family session, we are happy to be your host.

We book photography sessions all season long and do not restrict the days of the week unless there is an event that will impact your photo session.


  • $50 per session (hour length time) or $200 daily max for up to 5 hours.

  • The rental fee is only for professional and amateur photographers and does not apply to the general public.  However, if you come to our fields to shoot someone other than yourself, these rates apply to you (no exceptions).

  • If you wish to use our antique furniture for the shoot, a rental fee of $25 per piece will be applicable.

  • We do ask that you do not bring dogs to the shoots.  We used to allow that, but since we have had to clean up the mess, we are not allowing dogs anymore in our fields.  Our lavender is used for skin care and home care products, and we try to keep the fields as clean as possible.  We did try - but people just couldn't adhere to the rules, so, unfortunately, we have had to change things.

We cannot guarantee that the lavender will be in bloom on the date you wish to book.  Even if the lavender fields are not in full bloom, we have the most amazing sunsets and plenty of country space to take your photos.  We are a working farm, so please keep that in mind.

To book email us at or call 226.779.4973

Our Farm

Hereward Farms is a family-owned lavender farm located in Ontario, Canada. We specialize in growing and harvesting high-grade lavender and creating unique lavender-infused products for our customers. We are passionate about providing the best natural products available and strive to maintain the highest standards of sustainability and quality.


Our farm is open to the public, allowing visitors to explore the beauty of our lavender gardens and learn about the different varieties of lavender we grow. We also host workshops and events for all ages, giving our customers a unique and immersive experience. Come visit us and discover all that Hereward Farms has to offer.


We also have events happening all season long, please visit here for more information

When using Google Maps, Apple Maps or Waze, the best way to find us is to use HEREWARD FARMS in your search.



Learn more about lavender here

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