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Freshen Up Lavender Linen Water + Room Spray

8 oz


Try our calming and tranquil room and lined water spray with aromatic lavender essential oil.  We have blended Freshen Up to replicate the same scent as our skincare line.  Keep your linens and fabrics feeling to fresh and clean with our signature blend.


Spritz a bit on your pillow before bedtime to add scent to your pillow and have sweet dreams!


Shake well before each use.  Do not spray directing on wood and spot test before applying.  Do not ingest.  Do not spay on yourself (we have other products for that).  For external use only.  


Ingredients: distilled water + alcohol + lavender essential oil




Although the essential oils in these herbal oils are diluted, everyone’s skin is different and sensitivities may occur. Please do a spot test before use. We make no health claims about our oils and are not responsible for misuse. Not for internal use. Not recommended for those who are pregnant or nursing or have serious medical issues.  Consult your doctor prior to use.

Freshen Up

  • All our lavender is grown on our farm located in East Garafraxa, Ontario in the Hamlet of Hereward.

    Our products are definitely not your Grandmother's Lavender products that basically made your eyes water!  The best part about our infused oils is that the smell is so mild, it will not compete with any of your other scents or over-power your natural body smell.

    These products are not made to make you smell better, but to improve your skin and skin texture.

    Our products are:

    • Free from GMO's
    • No chemicals
    • Eco-Friendly
    • Natural
    • Contain no parabens
    • Cruelty-free
    • Great for all skin types
    • Gentle on the face
    • Great for sensitive skin

    Questions?  Send us an email or reach out to us through the website chat.