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Oil Is To The Body What Love Is To The Soul

Updated: Apr 2, 2023

"Oil is to the body what love is to the soul." What does that even mean?

Oil is to the body what love is to the soul - Hereward Farms

Every time I use our oils, I take a moment. I know that I am not just moisturizing my face but giving my skin a little self-love. Every morning when I slather on my Ravish Body Oil and in the evenings, when I inhale the gorgeous lavender-infused Lavish face serum when I am just about finished with my nightly routine (I am currently using the Almond blend).

It is an act of self-love. I am nourishing not only my skin but my mind. I inhale and take just a second to pause.

And in reality, without really knowing, I am practicing Ayurveda every darn day - and I had no idea. I came across the quote, "Oil is to the body what love is to the soul." I was like, "YES!"

It is hard to tell clients about our oils sometimes, and I want them to experience what I do - so every time I create a new product, this is what I want people to feel. Because I know, I am - every day. I also might be a little spoiled because I also get to smell it every day in the Lavender Lounge + Boutique....but that is one of the perks of my job.

Lavender and Chamomile

So what does this have to do with what we do - well, here is the connection:

Ayurveda and Hereward Farms

What is Ayurveda or Ayurvedic medicine?

In Ayurveda, they say that oil is to the body and what love is to the soul.

Ayurvedic medicine ("Ayurveda" for short) is one of the world's oldest holistic ("whole-body") healing systems. It was developed more than 3,000 years ago in India.

It's based on the belief that health and wellness depend on a delicate balance between the mind, body, and spirit. Its main goal is to promote good health, not fight disease. But treatments may be geared toward specific health problems.

Those who practice Ayurveda believe every person is made of five essential elements found in the universe: space, air, fire, water, and earth.

Woman getting a mssage

Nourish that skin

So here is where we come in :) Oils nourish, are gentle, comfort the skin and senses, and they soothe. Oil feeds and moisturizes the skin, leaving it soft, smooth, and literally refreshed.

If the skin is not well nourished, cracked, or dried out, it may itch or more easily be affected by burns, bug bites, and irritations. Think about it this way: when we are not well-loved by others or ourselves, we may feel irritated, agitated, undernourished, and generally disappointed. Think about that job that maybe isn't a great fit or a friendship/relationship that has not lived up to its expectations.

I remembered years ago, I was dating this guy, and it was not a good relationship at all - and I had this 'rash' that would go all along my bra line, my sides, my stomach - and the doctor could not figure out what it was. They put it down to my being allergic to dairy or wheat, but my MENTAL health affected my skin.

Hereward Farms Pure Lavender Infused Face Serum

When you take the time to massage your skin with oil and nourish it with time and love, it is a great act of self-love - and self-love rules and should always come first.

When you nourish your skin with good-quality oils, it can also protect and soothe the nervous system.

Remember, it is all connected - your skin is the receptor of all the outside elements we encounter daily.

When our skin is dried out and not taken care of, these receptors become more fragile and sensitive. But when we take the time to nourish our skin with oils, our nerves experience and take things more softly and gently. (Think about those massages you get and how wonderful your whole body and mind feel).

Massaging your skin with oil feeds your body and soul because our sensory perception of the world plays a significant role in our emotional experience.

Hereward Farms Hereward Ravish Body Oil

With your skin being your body's largest organ, it needs to be nourished and protected. The skin assimilates nutrients and eliminates waste - it is a working beast! Remember, what we put on our skin is directly absorbed into our lymph fluid and blood, circulating through our whole body. So, what does that mean? It means that it is essential to feed your skin with nourishing products that are free of chemicals and artificial additives.

If you can't eat it, don't feed it to your skin - I joke that you could possibly eat our face and body oils as it is all-natural and, well, grown here on our farm :).

Applying oils regularly through self-massage also helps support detoxification and enhances blood and lymph circulation throughout the body. If you are highly stressed, it is essential to do it daily to assist your stress levels. This is why I do it every morning and night - I find it helps prep me for bed and allows me to start my day.

With lavender infused in our products, you aren't just getting these benefits listed above; you are also treating your skin with health benefits such as:

  • skin healing

  • antibacterial

  • relaxing + calming to the mind and body

  • healing of burns

  • anti-aging

So my advice to you, make sure you give some love to that skin of yours - it matters. Your whole body is connected; giving it some love goes a long way.

Remember - love the skin you are in - because it will love you back.

And since everyone asks me this when we are in the store together: I am currently using Lavish Face Serum infused with Almond Oil for my face and Ravish Body Oil in sunflower. Perfect start and end to my day.

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You can find more information on Ayurvedic practice:

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This article is for informational purposes only. It's important to do your research and consult a trusted medical professional before making any decisions. While this article may feature advice from experts in the field, it should never be relied upon as a substitute for personalized medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. Always prioritize your own health and well-being above all else.


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