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Our Blog

Have you checked out the Hereward Farms Blog recently? We've been sharing updates about our lavender farm and products and other inspiring content about lavender and its uses. We brought you this blog to explore recipes, new products and things going on around our Ontario lavender farm located just an hour outside the GTA.


Our blog covers our products, such as the perfect lavender massage oils, dried lavender, lavender spray for pillows, lavender-inspired food and all our updates in our lavender shop: Lavender Lounge + Boutique.


We started this lavender farm on our 150-acre farm in 2021, and we have grown from 40 plants to 6,000 - so you can now say we are official lavender farmers.


Our blog covers:

  • Lavender-inspired food

  • Skincare tips and suggestions

  • Lavender + Your Health

  • Lavender tips on growing and using

  • Events at Hereward Farms and our partners