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Dufferin's Hereward Farms Named Finalists in 2022 Clean Beauty Awards.

Updated: Mar 29, 2023

Facial Serum Earns Fourth Place

Written by Tabitha Wells at the Orangeville Banner

Thursday, August 4, 2022

CertClean Beauty Awards Finalist 2022: Hereward Farms

Hereward Farms may only have two years under its belt, but its products are already making waves in the beauty industry.

From being featured on several major U.S. morning show reviews

to being flagged by Narcity and Blog TO as a place to visit, the field and store at Hereward have continued to garner attention.

“I can't even believe it — not sure it has even sunk in that we have grown and taken off so fast,” said Julie Thurgood-Burnett, founder and owner. “From a whim of 40 plants to now it being a dream that is reality, I still have to pinch myself.”

Hereward Farms has been announced as one of the finalists for their facial serum in the 2022 Clean Beauty Awards hosted by CertClean. The awards, which are now in their seventh year, are a way for the organization to acknowledge and reward products created without the use of harmful chemicals by producers in the clean beauty market.

“We are so excited to receive this high honour, and we can’t even believe that our (serum) was selected as a finalist,” said Thurgood-Burnett.

CertClean Beauty Awards Finalist 2022: Hereward Farms

The product to win such high praise was their Lavish Facial Serum, coming in fourth out of 450 bestselling brands and earning its CertClean Certification.

“With our business only two years old, this is a complete pat on the back of the hard work being recognized,” added Thurgood-Burnett.

Nestled in the hamlet of Hereward in East Garafraxa, lavender has become a major part of Thurgood-Burnett’s way of life. She has developed a whole line of spa- and home-related products, often partnering with other Orangeville-area businesses to produce items like soy candles and more.

“I have always been careful what I put on my skin,” Thurgood-Burnett explained. “When we decided to plant lavender, I knew the same ethics that went into planting our lavender with no chemicals or additives had to go into our all-natural skin care products.”



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