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Hereward Farms Lavender Season

Updated: Apr 4, 2023

I am a little late in writing this blog and wondering what the theme would be. Well, I wanted first to note that without the support of our clients, friends and family, we couldn't have done this without YOU. Our community has been so amazing alongside us as we navigate the journey of lavender.

Lavender Farm Ontario

Who would have thought that this experiment started on a "whim" would turn into a full-blown production? Here we are with 4,000 plants, a product lineup of over 20 items, and our Lavender Lounge and Boutique is fully operational and running, as well as our online store!

We learned a lot this past season, and we are happy for our lavender farmer partners that we get to bounce ideas off of and laugh at our mistakes together. This certainly brought our family closer together (they had no choice, haha). But I love how we each take on a different part of the business and help when needed. It has sometimes been tiring, and sometimes, we must say, "No, we can't do that today; we need to rest."

Lavender plants

We have had a big year, and I am so proud it makes me tear up. Things have gone so well (we are a year ahead of schedule), so some things had to change. I am officially retired from the marketing agency as of the end of this year (I will continue to say it as long as I can), and I am a partner. I am melancholy and happy about it simultaneously, but all good things must end, especially when I have been working two full-time jobs for the past year. I am a little bit tired.

But that doesn't stop us from growing. We have developed our wholesale business and sent products all over Canada. But that isn't the only news!! We have been working with a PR agency in the US and slowly launching into that market. Our products will be featured on some TV segments in Texas, Los Angeles and Cincinnati!!!! So watch out, lavender world, we are HERE!!

As the fall comes to a close, we are getting ready for the plants to be covered, and the holiday season begins...well, it has started!

OH! We are also under construction at the Lavender Lounge as we added some new windows, and you will find a new entrance and stairs soon. So I am busy planning the new layout of the Lounge (any help is welcome).