The Difference Between Infused Oils Vs. Essential Oils.

What is the difference between an infused herbal oil and an essential oil and why aren't we using any essential oil in our products? In our current demand for things quickly and delivered the next day, it can be reassuring that sometimes the old-fashioned way of doing things is still the best. Infused oils are a great example of this; they respect a time honoured way of directly harnessing the natural healing properties of plants.

When we grew our little crop of Lavender in the Spring of 2020, we researched and studied about Lavender and essential oils and how we were going to make our products, we realized that there is a lot of controversy concerning essential oils.

Essential oils seemed like the obvious choice - essential oils smell amazing, and override any other smells from the other oils, and you only need a little bit per batch. It is an easier way to make products, but that was not what we wanted to do.

The more we researched, the more we understood that there was this divide between herbalists and that is why we went with infused oils. And we wanted to be different. The more we researched we noticed that so many products contained essential oils - cleaning products, hair products, soaps, candles, you name it.

To make essential oils, we would have to waste a very large amount of plant material to make such a small batch of essential oils.

Our infused oils are made by filling a jar with the dried lavender and simply adding a carrier oil like sunflower oil, sweet almond oil and grapeseed oil. It is a long process. First, we dry the lavender for two to three weeks. We then let it sit for up to six weeks while the oil and lavender steep or macerate together as the oil naturally extracts the soluble plant constituents which also includes traces of the essential oil!

Also, after much research, essential oil only captures about a third of the lavender plant’s properties, where the infused oil captures constituents that aren't found in essential oil, which gives infused oils a broader product line for application - skincare for body and face!

Another reason we chose to create infused oils is that it is less likely to cause a reaction like essential oils. Essential oils are so concentrated that people can have sensitivities to products that contain it.

Infused oils will never have a strong scent as an essential oil, but we felt that our products enhance the lavender with the other oils that we choose to infuse with.

You can use infused oils right on your skin or you can add them into your skincare creams and lotions to bring soothing, healing and moisturizing properties.