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Holiday Gift Guide

Updated: Mar 29, 2023

Everything is coming up lavender this holiday season

Hereward Farms Lavender Gifts for the Holidays

It's beginning to look a lot like the season when there is snow on the ground, people start decorating, and the music starts playing on the radio. We wanted to bring together gifts that are perfect for someone special in your life, whether a family member, a teacher or a friend.

And what better than offering a moment during one of the most hectic times of the year can be a godsend! Thankful for lavender's many healing and calming properties, you can discover the perfect gift that will relax and bring joy to their days.

With our carefully curated lavender-infused and lavender-based products that we make here at Hereward Farms, we make gift-giving easy as pie!

We have created a whole array of bundles for all the special people in your life (or even you!). So let's get started!

Lavender Lover Mini Bundle  by Hereward Farms

Lavender Lover Mini Bundle
$38 ($53 Value)

We are stumped on what to get your work bestie? Neighbour or even your Grandma?

This bundle contains some of our smaller bestselling items at a fantastic price. Best of all, this bundle is packed with sweet and practical things they'll use.

  • Fizzed Bath Bomb

  • Plantable lavender-themed bookmark

  • Hereward Farms lavender bunch

  • Lavender sachet

  • Pucker up lavender-infused + vanilla lip balm

  • Small botanical lavender sachet

Lavender Lover Maxi Holiday Bundle by Hereward Farms
Lavender Lover Maxi Bundle
$88 ($105 Value)

The ultimate gift for the lavender lover in your life. This bundle contains our award-winning and bestselling Lavish Lavender-Infused Face Serum alongside other bestsellers such as our Luxurious Lotion and Pucker Up Lip Balm.

  • Lavish Lavender Infused Face Serum

  • Luxurious Lavender Infused Hand + Body Lotion

  • Lavender Shea Soap

  • Plantable lavender-themed bookmark

  • Hereward Farms lavender bunch

  • Lavender sachet

  • Pucker up lavender-infused + vanilla lip balm

Hostess with the Mostest Bundle by Hereward Farms

Hostess with the Mostess Bundle
$91 (Value $105)

Looking for the perfect gift for the hostess that has everything? Want a gift that screams, "thank you for letting us be your guests?" Well, look no further! We have put together a selection of our top-selling home care products for you - plus, you save when you bundle!

  • Freshen Up Linen + Room Spray

  • Slept Pillow Spray

  • Lavender Sachet

  • Lavender Room Diffuser

  • Signature Blend Candle

Homebody Bundle by Hereward Farms
Homebody Bundle
$84 (value $98)

Are you looking for the perfect gift? This Homebody Gift Bundle is filled with home essentials that will make any household feel warm and cozy. Featuring our Freshen Up Linen Water + Room Spray and our Wicked Lavender Soy Candle, you can give a personal touch to anyone's home this holiday season.

This bundle also includes a bonus of our bestselling Pucker Up Lavender Infused + Vanilla Lip Balm.

  • Freshen Up Linen Water + Room Spray

  • Hereward Farms ceramic mug

  • Wicked Lavender Soy Candle

  • Lavender sachet

  • Pucker up lavender-infused + vanilla lip balm

Baker's Delight Bundle by Hereward Farms
Baker's Delight Bundle $45 (Value $51)

This delightfully unique gift is perfect for your home chef or baker in your life. Our culinary lavender has many uses, from lavender cookies, cakes and meringues to spice rubs, simple syrups, and cocktails.

Pro-tip: press a small amount of lavender onto goat cheese to brighten up your charcuterie board and serve a solid aged cheese alongside our lavender blueberry jam by Landman Gardens + Bakery.

  • Plantable bookmark

  • Culinary lavender

  • Local Blueberry + Lavender jam

  • Lavender hand-engraved wooden spoon

Bookworm Holiday Bundle by Hereward Farms
Bookworm Bundle
$72 (Value $80)

This is the perfect gift to remind the teacher in your life to put their feet up and enjoy a cup of tea with their latest read...which is not homework. Let them unwind with the soothing scent of lavender while they sip on Pluck Tea's premium black tea blend with bergamot, lavender and creamy vanilla notes. A cozy lanker is not included but is highly recommended.

  • Plantable bookmark

  • Hereward Farms Ceramic Mug

  • Pluck Lavender Earl Grey Cream Premium Black Tea

  • Wicked Lavender Soy Candle

Naughty and Nice Bundle by Hereward Farms
Naughty and Nice Bundle
$90 (Value $83)

Are you making your list and checking it twice? Well, you've found the perfect gift for that special someone. Gift them the gift of quality time and attention with our Naughty and Nice Bundle. Who knows what you will get up to, and frankly, it isn't any of our business :).

  • Love Potion Massage Oil

  • Apothecary Matches

  • Wicked Lavender Soy Candle

Angry Dad Bundle for Dad by Hereward Farms
Angry Dad Bundle $45 (value $52)

Our lavender-infused beard oil is the perfect gift for your bearded beauty! Paired with our stylish "Angry Dad" trucker hat, our beard oil helps soften and strengthen his beard and soothe the skin underneath. Our calming lavender-infused oil helps relieve beard itch, and the light scents of cedarwood and rosemary leave him feeling fresh and smelling great.

  • Angry Dad Beard Oil

  • Angry Dad Trucker Hat

Holiday Best Seller Bundle by Hereward Farms
Holiday Best Seller Bundle
$94 (Value $104)

A bundle with all our best sellers? Yes, please! This bundle includes our top four best sellers, including our award-winning Lavender lavender-infused face serum.

  • Lavish lavender-infused face serum

  • Ravish lavender-infused body oil

  • Luxurious lavender-infused hand + body lotion

  • Pucker Up lavender-infused + vanilla lip balm

This is not the end of our bundles, as we carry several additional bundles throughout the year, and you can find them here.

Happy Holidays and hope you find the perfect gift for everyone on your list!




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