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The Perfect Valentine's Gifts in 2022

Updated: Apr 2, 2023

We have a spot for LOVE day! Well, we have a place for love in general and showing it, so today is about maybe showing it a little more.

Whether you are planning on having a romantic or fun Valentine's gift or you and your crew celebrate Galentine's Day, we have put together some of our best products so you have everyone covered on your list!

We were featured in the DLX Destination Luxury online blog about the best 2022 Valentine's Gift Guides, and you can find our products along with many other products here.

We have also put together some new bundles just in time for the 14th as well.

The Lavender Love Bundle is perfect for those who need a little care package to brighten their day. This Bundle is a selection from our top sellers and includes our Soaked bath salts, Slept Pillow Spray, Pucker Up Lip Balm, Lavish Infused Lavender Face Serum and Scrubbed. A little bit of everything went into this package, and between you and I would make the perfect Galentine's Day Gift.

Lavish + Pamper Bundle is just that. I don't know about you, but I hardly have time for a regular facial, let alone "me" time. This little Bundle is the perfect little kit to pamper yourself every night. Choose your blend of our Lavish Infused Lavender Face Serum and your jade roller. If you have not tried a Jade roller yet - you are missing out!! It is like a massage for your face and helps with the absorption of the serum. The perfect combo if you ask me.

Romantic Night In Bundle Are you the Netflix and Chill kind of couple? We have the perfect addition to your night. We wanted to put together something that would make your relaxing nights a little bit more special, OR if you had a special occasion, it would make it that much more special. This Bundle has a selection of our top sellers and new releases. It has our Slept Pillow Spray, Pucker Up Lip Balm, Lavender Sachet, Freshen Up Linen + Room Spray, our Wicked Lavender Candle, Unwind Bath Salts and our Loved Love Potion Massage Oil. So get it, plan a night, grab some great take out and prepare for a romantic night!

My Heart Bundle is the perfect Galentine gift that we could put together. It includes our Loved Love Potion Massage Oil, a Lavender Sachet, Pucker Up Lip Balm, Signature Blend candles and an inspiration sticker sheet designed by Paige + Co. Simple and sweet and perfect for your friend!

Hereward Farms Bundles

Love Your Home Bundle This is one of my favourites. We know most of our products are skincare-based, but this contains our top sellers around the home. So whether it's a special occasion like a housewarming or a hostess gift, this is it! It includes our Wicked Candle, Slept Pillow Spray, a Lavender Sachet, Freshen Up Linen + Room Spray and our new Ceramic Hereward Farms Mug.

Relaxed Bundle Who doesn't like to relax? And what better way than lighting a candle, grabbing a book and hanging out after a nice long bath? Our Signature Blend Candle, Slept Pillow Spray, our brand new Unwind Bath Salts, and a Lavender Sachet make it all better!

Love My Bath Bundle Is just that. Relaxing at its best. For the person who loves to have a long bath to escape the day or even to read, we have put together the Bundle that will make their bath time the best. This Bundle includes our Ravish Lavender Infused Body Oil, Soaked Bath Salts and our Scrubbed Body Scrub. It makes a perfect gift for friends, or let's be honest, even yourself.

Visit our store to check out many more of our products that might be just perfect for your unique Valentine's or to treat yourself.

Hereward Farms offers a variety of lavender gifts that would be perfect for Valentine's Day! Here are a few suggestions:

  1. Lavender Bouquet: A bouquet of fresh lavender is a classic and romantic Valentine's Day gift. Hereward Farms offers a variety of bouquets, ranging from small to large, that are sure to impress.

  2. Lavender Soap: Hereward Farms offers a range of lavender soaps that are perfect for pampering your loved one. Lavender is known for its soothing and calming properties, making this a thoughtful and relaxing gift.

  3. Lavender Candle: A lavender candle is a perfect way to set a romantic mood on Valentine's Day. Hereward Farms offers a range of lavender candles, including scents like lavender vanilla and lavender sage.

  4. Lavender Bath Salts: Consider gifting lavender bath salts for the ultimate relaxation experience. Hereward Farms offers a range of bath salts, including lavender, eucalyptus, and peppermint.

  5. Lavender Gift Basket: If you can't decide on just one lavender gift, consider gifting a lavender gift basket. Hereward Farms offers a range of gift baskets that include a variety of lavender products, such as soap, candles, and bath salts.

No matter what you choose, Hereward Farms' lavender gifts are sure to impress your Valentine and make them feel loved and appreciated.